Avalanche Endurance Events : Ricochet training : Week 6

Week 6 and I had to get going again…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Riff-Raff, because let’s do the parkrun again.

Oh, no, not another training blog...

Oh, no, not another training blog…

Monday 01 June 2015

I woke up with my back aching, which is no longer a surprise, but also can no longer be an excuse.  Not being able to run any sort of distance in the parkrun last Saturday was a big wake up call to me, and as I look ahead I now have the St Albans half-marathon in two weeks time, the Paras’ 10 at Colchester in five weeks time, the back to back summer Fan Dance in seven weeks time, and then Ricochet is in eleven weeks time.  My focus has to be towards Ricochet, because I really want to put in a performance that matches my expectations, and I will just see how everything else falls into place.  Having to take this approach is such a disappointment because after the winter Fan Dance I was confident I could beat 2 hours for the Paras’ 10 and follow that up with a sub-5 hours Fan Dance.  Now I have absolutely no idea what sort of run I will be able to put in, if I can even run at all, so I just have to make sure I get myself as fit as I possibly can in the meantime.  I do have sufficient time to make a difference provided I put in the dedication required.  With all that in mind, I may approach the St Albans half-marathon as a load-bearing speed march, rather than a run.

I got back to basics, following the two-minute drill from a booklet called The Fat Burner’s Bible which I got from Men’s Health magazine some time ago.  It is 8 exercises for 15 seconds each and is intended to jump-start my metabolism, meaning I should burn fat more efficiently all day.  I had to take out the sit ups because the bottom of my back feels too tender when I do them, and so substituted them with more squats.  I also increased the time to 20 seconds per exercise.  I did squats, press ups, high knees, side to side hops, jumping jacks, squats, mountaineers, and bodyweight thrusters, pushing to do as many as i could in the 20 seconds and leaving as little time between exercises as possible.  That felt good.

It was fortunate that I had done my two-minute drill in the morning because by the time I got home from work I was too late to do anything more than that.  I did enjoy a delicious Hello Fresh meal, five spiced chicken with bok choy, and I even did part of the preparation, which is most unlike me because I have very little interest in the cooking side of eating.

I made this.  Kind of...

I made this. Kind of…

  1. Two-minute drill

Tuesday 02 June 2015

I wonder if it was as a result of doing my two-minute drill the previous morning, but my back really ached when I woke up this morning.  By the time it had calmed down I had no time to do anything except leave to get to an early meeting at work.  I had meetings through to the evening so I did not get home until late.

Wednesday 03 June 2015

I had not done my two-minute drill during the day because I was planning to go to Regiment Fitness in St Albans.  I did wonder if I would bother when black clouds started drifting over towards the end of the afternoon, but the sun was still out as I walked down and the weather stayed fine and sunny.  The session was being taken by Graham, and I was pleased with that.  I need a few of his sessions right now, hard but fair, pushing each person to their own individual limit.  He knows about my injuries and will not allow me to use them as an excuse, while appreciating that they will not allow me to do certain things.  We began with what turned out to be an extended warm up, and something I would love to do when back to fitness.  We ran out and back twice before doing 21 shuttle runs in under 1 minute and 30 seconds, then repeating that two more times, beating the previous time with each attempt.  We moved on to doing 50 press ups, 50 sit ups, and 50 squats, running to the other set of cones after each and running on the spot.  You always keep moving during a session with Graham or you will find yourself being sent off for an extra run or two.  The circuit had us running to a pole to do 30 repetitions of each exercise, then running back to be given the next exercise.  We did press ups, close hand press ups, wide arm press ups; straight leg sit ups, wide leg sit ups, leg raises; stand ups, and sprawls.  As all this good stuff was going on Graham told me that he was about the start the Mountain Leader course, which he knew would be of great interest to me, so I am going to keep in touch with him on that.  I know he must have some trips to Brecon planned…  While the rest of the taking it hard group were sent off to run round the island, I was tasked to collect the poles.  We split into pairs for more shuttle running, this time with a tyre held over our head, and when we got to the other end we would do 5, 10, 15, and finally 20 shoulder presses with the tyre.  We would swap around after each shuttle, and while our partner ran we did sit ups with a medicine ball.  While the others took another run, I collected up the cones.  After the extended warm up, the warm down felt like it took seconds, and after thanking Graham I was walking home feeling good.

Cannot beat training outside

Cannot beat training outside

  1. Regiment Fitness (St Albans) – 1 hour

Thursday 04 June 2015

I woke up feeling really good after the training from the previous evening, so maybe that has given me a much-needed kickstart.  I got straight into my two-minute drill, which is lasting longer than two minutes as I stretch the time for each exercise.

The sun was shining into the evening so we went for a walk down to the park and then decided to have the summertime salad with shredded chicken and croutons from Hello Fresh, and you will be amazed to hear I did most of the preparation.  I still do not like cooking.  As well as the chicken the dish included organic black beans, feta cheese and baby spinach.

I made this !  Mostly

I made this ! Mostly

  1. Two-minute drill

Friday 05 June 2015

I was planning to take in another session with Regiment Fitness but work got in the way of that.  I did manage to fit in my two-minute drill, and have stretched it out to 30 seconds for each exercise.  I need to be pushing on.

  1. Two-minute drill

Saturday 06 June 2015

We decided to go to the parkrun in St Albans, and more to the point decided that we would do whatever we could to get back to going every week.  Personally, I just wanted to do better than last week, and I managed that because I ran for just over a mile before having to walk.  Unlike last week, when I just had no energy or breath left, this time I had to walk because I felt pain in my achilles tendon.  Clearly I am open to trying out every ache and pain possible in my right leg.  I ran as much as I could of the final two miles, walking when the pain got too much.  I am not going to do anything stupid now, like pushing myself too far, too soon.  I finished with a time which is 10 minutes slower than my personal best, which shows the work I have ahead of me.  On the plus side, I actually ‘ran’ twice as far as last Saturday.



It was a lovely sunny evening so I went for a walk later on.

  1. parkrun (St Albans) – 5k – 35 minutes 48 seconds

Sunday 07 June 2015

My morning started with the extended two-minute drill, before we set off to West Wycombe for a picnic.  We had intended to eat our picnic in West Wycombe Park but it was not open when we got there so we walked to the top of West Wycombe Hill instead, and later in the afternoon walked around the house and grounds of West Wycombe Park.  We came home via a Sunday roast at The Green Dragon in Barnet, which was delicious.

The rare beef was excellent

The rare beef was excellent

This has been a good week getting back into the swing of things, and I have not suffered an ill effects from doing the two-minute drill each day, so next week I have to push it to another level.

  1. Two-minute drill

Positives from this week – I got back into doing some real exercise and completed a parkrun.

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