Avalanche Endurance Events : Ricochet training : Week 8

Week 8 and I have something fun coming up this week…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Bear Grylls, because it really could not be brought to you by anyone else.

Yes, it's Bear Grylls, in the same field as me :)

Yes, it’s Bear Grylls, in the same field as me 🙂

Monday 15 June 2015

I was really feeling the effects of the St Albans Half-Marathon this morning, and unfortunately that lasted through the week.  At the moment it seems like I can do one lot of physical exercise per week, which is simply not enough, but because of my current workload I do not have any time avaiable to go to see a doctor to get everything sorted out.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

I still ache after the half-marathon.

Wednesday 17 June 2015


Thursday 18 June 2015

I had to drive down to Fawley for a meeting.  It was a hot, sunny day, and Fawley looked like it was in a lovely part of the world, but it meant I spent far too many hours in the car, which is not good news for my body at the moment.

Friday 19 June 2015

Work.  Too much work.

Saturday 20 June 2015

I enjoyed a brilliant time at the session with the Bear Grylls Survival Race team organised by Obstacle Race magazine, and you can read all about it (and how hard it can be to achieve the perfect selfie) here.

Success at last :)

Success at last 🙂

I did enjoy a wonderful recovery dish from Hello Fresh – Orecchiette ai Broccoletti – orecchiette, herbed pork, tenderstem broccoli, chilli and pesto.

Quick and nutritious

Quick and nutritious

  1. Bear Grylls Survival Race training day (Hungerford) – 1 hour

Sunday 21 June 2015

I was not in any fit state to do anything today, but I did have something delicious to eat.  Another Hello Fresh dish, this time tender stir friend pork with cashew nuts and black bean sauce.  Except that we had already used up all the cashew nuts.  It was still better and far more healthy than getting in a takeaway.

As delicious as it looks

As delicious as it looks

Positives from this week – I met Bear Grylls.

And if you are wondering why my intro picture has appeared again at the bottom of the blog, it is because Facebook is now automatically displaying the final image when I share my blog on there, rather than allowing me to select the image I actually want to display.

Yes, it's Bear Grylls, in the same field as me :)

Yes, it’s Bear Grylls, in the same field as me 🙂

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