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In the immortal words of the great Robert Plant, it’s been a long time since I’ve spammed a blog.

The blog remains the same

The blog remains the same

I have literally spent the best part of two years building up the image of some sort of fitness fanatic, keeping my head down when it comes to the music side of things, cultivating the ‘silent partner’ persona, trying to distance myself from all this Bad Elephant stuff, this prog nonsense, and then Prog Magazine spoil all that by deciding they want to feature us in their excellent publication.  Natasha Scharf  has long been a very valued supporter of what we do, and she had set up an interview between ourselves (myself and David Elliott (the one who actually does all the hard work) and David Keevill, and we had enjoyed an excellent time on Skype on Monday 7 September, discussing many topics around the label and music and life in general.  Well, we managed to do all that once I had turned up the volume so I could hear them…  Now Prog Magazine needed a hi-res photo of us, and that presented a problem because we did not have a photo, let alone a hi-res one.  There was no easy way of looking at it, I would have to meet up with David (Elliott, not Keevill) and we would take the necessary photograph.  And dealing with things the Bad Elephant way, naturally we decided to do that over a curry.

Who's that with David ? Actually, can I remember which one is David...

Who’s that with David ? Actually, can I remember which one is David…

I was in London for a meeting and managed to keep it on track so that it finished on time, then caught the tube to get over to Stratford, which was only a short walk from Spice Inn on the Romford Road.  Showing absolute faith in my attendance, and not wanting to be left sitting alone at the table, David had invited Jon Hunt to join us, and it was a pleasure to meet him for real after our conversations on Facebook.  More about him and a future release from him in one of my forthcoming weekly update blogs.  The three of us put the world to rights, laughed at a ludicrous album cover, and once the delicious food had arrived set about taking the photo.  It is really a lot more curry than Elephant (I went for the chicken) because that is the way we do things around here.

Curry :)

Curry 🙂

Anyway, as I have indicated, I will be getting back to writing a weekly update blog on all things Elephantine, but for now let me direct you to Chepstow and the Offa’s Dyke Path.  No, wait, that is another blog for another day, or, much more likely, days.  Let me direct you to Chepstow and the excellent Summer’s End festival, which is happening this coming weekend, from the evening of Friday 2 October until the night of Sunday 4 October, and which this year features not one, not two, but three Bad Elephant Music artistes.  Opening the bill on the Friday will be Simon Godfrey, most likely accompanied by ducks; opening the bill on the Saturday will be The Fierce And The Dead; and opening the bill on the Sunday will be The Gift.  Expect every day to get off to a storming start then !  There are only a handful of tickets left, so you will need to get in quick to secure them by going to the link here.

This is going to be great :)

This is going to be great 🙂

Both David and I will be there, with a full stock of cds from the Bad Elephant Music roster, and it would be really useful if you could all come and buy something so that we do not have to take them home with us, and can instead stock up with souvenirs of Chepstow.

Badesi Elefante Musica

Badesi Elefante Musica

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