London : St Pancras to Appold Street

I was going to a morning seminar at Ashursts, which meant going in to
London by train and then getting to their offices on Appold Street.  I thought walking would be a fun way to do that, but woke to yet more pouring drought, so my resolve was wavering.  When we got into London, Debbie bought an umbrella, while I decided it would still be a good idea to walk from St Pancras to Broadwalk House, on Appold Street and near Liverpool Street.  It really was a horrible morning, not really due to the rain, which, as Peter Gabriel once pointed out, is “only water”, but because it was also so cold.  So cold that I was having to wear my Salomon jacket – sensibly, I had chosen not to wear my suit to the seminar.

I started out from St Pancras and walked up to Euston Road before turning left until I came on to Grays Inn Road.  This was a simple route, and I just followed Grays Inn Road until I reached Clerkenwell Road.  I took another left along this and eventually walked up the hill to Old Street.  From there I turned right into City Road, then left into Worship
Street, and at the end of that I came out at the back of Broadwalk House on Appold Street.  I have to say, this was not nearly as interesting a walk as my ones to Lancaster Gate about 10 days ago, and maybe the rain just kept my head down so I missed items of interest.  There was not really any wind blowing this morning, so after walking for about an hour in the constantly pouring rain my hair and jacket were soaked, but the rest of me was dry –
it turned out all right.  In fact, it turned out all right enough that I walked back to St  Pancras after the seminar…and it only rained on me for a short while this time.

You can see the few photos which I took while walking here.

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