Veganuary : Week 1

We have decided to try Veganuary again this year.  There are many reasons to give it a go, although I have to admit that the animals are not my reason.  The health and nutrition aspects are of a lot more interest to me at the moment.  And with that said, I should warn you that what I am doing is only in respect of the food and drink aspects of veganism, I may well blur the lines between being vegan and vegetarian, but unless the menu makes it completely impossible, I will be avoiding meat and fish for the month of January, and I will be keeping a weekly blog to track it.

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Friday 01 January 2016

This is going to be a short first week.  We were travelling back from Hereford so I drank water in the car, and when we got home I ate the wonderful fruitcake part of the Christmas cake Debbie had made, before eating a Glorious ! meal soup of Mumbai lentil and chickpea, which was delicious, with two slices of toasted Warburtons seeded batch bread.

Saturday 02 January 2016

I walked with Debbie to and from her rehearsal for the concert she was playing in the evening, but did not really feel hungry, so just ate Nature’s Path gluten free cereal (Maple Sunrise and Mesa Sunrise) and two slices of the Warburtons seeded batch bread with olive Pure spread through the day, and drank water.  I did get a bit of a headache later on in the early evening, but it passed.

Sunday 03 January 2016

I went for a 30 minute run with Debbie in the morning before eating some cereal.  Later in the morning I ate a banana, and did not feel like eating anything more than that at the time, although I continued to feel tired after my run.  I drank water through the day.  I sat around following the cricket on the BBC during the day, and still felt tired later on, so ate some more of the delicious fruitcake and some cereal.  To be honest, it felt good to cut right down on the eating after Christmas.  I drank a couple of cups of peppermint tea.

I promise this will get a lot more interesting next week when I am doing more than just sitting at home.

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