Swimming the English Channel : Week 2

I have decided to swim the English Channel.

You can read about week 1 of my swim here.

Cumulative – 9175 metres – 5 hours 20 minutes 01 seconds

Starting the week over 5 miles out

Starting the week over 5 miles out

Swim 5 : Monday 08 February 2016

Timing is everything, and this was not a good time to be going for one of my swims.  I joined at the end of a busy spell and before I had been swimming for an hour the staff were closing off lanes and setting everything up for the evening club sessions.  I decided to go.  Plus at one point I seemed to have lessons taking place in my lane.  Nevertheless, my pace was good, and I just wish I could have spent longer in the pool.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 64 x 25 metre lengths – 1600 metres
  2. Strava – 1650 metres
  3. Time – 52 minutes 40 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 10775 metres – 6 hours 12 minutes 41 seconds

Swim 6 : Tuesday 09 February 2016

Thanks to the way my work hours panned out, I was able to get along to the pool during the middle of the afternoon and found mostly clear lanes, which was brilliant.  I did still have to switch lanes to the medium lane for a few lengths when a few more people came into the slow lane, and I also encountered the waiter – someone who swims a couple of lengths and then waits to catch their breath…right up to the point when you get to their end at which time they decide to start swimming again, presumably just so they can slow you down, because they could just as easily have gone before you got to them, or waited until you had passed.  Anyway, it was a good session.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 72 x 25 metre lengths – 1800 metres
  2. Strava – 1850 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 01 minute 07 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 12575 metres – 7 hours 13 minutes 48 seconds

Swim 7 : Wednesday 10 February 2016

The pool was practically empty for most of the swim, but I did switch from the slow to medium lane and back again as people came in and filled the lanes.  I managed to hit my best pace so far.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 86 x 25 metre lengths – 2150 metres
  2. Strava – 2200 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 09 minutes 14 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 14725 metres – 8 hours 23 minutes 02 seconds

Swim 8 : Friday 12 February 2016

That felt like a very disrupted swim, and I had to change lanes a few times either to avoid congestion or an influx of girls who just wanted to jump into the deep end, but for the second swim in a row I put up my fastest pace so far, and I am very happy with that.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 78 x 25 metre lengths – 1950 metres
  2. Strava – 2000 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 01 minute 13 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 16675 metres – 9 hours 24 minutes 15 seconds

Swim 9 : Sunday 14 February 2016

The pool was busy with families but the lanes were pretty clear.  I had a couple of slower swimmers to contend with in the medium lane but once I overtook them they did not bother me.  There was a remarkable instance of a waiter, though, as one guy in the fast lane decided to do his waiting in the medium lane, presumably so as not to annoy the elite swimmers.  I felt a twinge in my left calf so I decided to stop early because I still had boxing training in the afternoon and I did not want to be injured for that.  Strava is giving me the same distance as my counting of the lengths, which makes me wonder if I miscounted, but I am sure I did not.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 82 x 25 metre lengths – 2050 metres
  2. Strava – 2050 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 05 minutes 59 seconds
  4. Week 2 – 9550 metres – 5 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds
  5. Cumulative – 18725 metres – 10 hours 30 minutes 14 seconds

I need to be doing 350 lengths each week.  I managed 367 lengths last week, and 382 this week, so I am 49 lengths ahead of the game.  I also took less time to do more lengths this week, so I am confident that I will complete the challenge before the end of February.

Over half way there

Over half way there

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