Swimming the English Channel : Week 3

I have decided to swim the English Channel.

You can read about week 1 of my swim here.

You can read about week 2 of my swim here.

Cumulative – 18725 metres – 10 hours 30 minutes 14 seconds

Whoa, I'm half way there

Whoa, I’m half way there

Swim 10 : Monday 15 February 2016

This was not one of my more enjoyable sessions so far.  It is half-term for the schools and the pool timetable has changed.  I arrived to find that Wet ‘N’ Wild was still dominating the pool, and it continued to do so for a further 11 minutes into my session time.  I swam in the medium lane, the only interesting aspect being when a father and daughter were racing with one in the medium lane and the other on the other side of the rope in the fast lane.  And then as the clock ticked towards 4 o’clock and everyone readied themselves for a section of the pool to be divided off for swimming lessons, everything collapsed.  They closed off the fast lane, but then while they were in the process of closing off the medium lane the swimming instructors were taking a snotty attitude and telling everyone to move over a lane.  It had only just reached 4 o’clock.  Then everyone was squashed into a very narrow slow lane, before the medium lane was reopened.  It was not handled well at all.  Anyway, I kept going.  Strava seems really out, as it was yesterday.  I am going with my own calculations, and will make sure that I swim further than is required to ensure I complete the challenge.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 76 x 25 metre lengths – 1900 metres
  2. Strava – 2050 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 01 minute 28 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 20625 metres – 11 hours 31 minutes 42 seconds

Swim 11 : Wednesday 17 February 2016

This turned out to be a really good session with little disruption from the general public, although with it being half term there were children in the swimming lanes, and they appear to have little understanding of lane protocol.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 88 x 25 metre lengths – 2200 metres
  2. Strava – 2225 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 09 minutes 29 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 22825 metres – 12 hours 41 minutes 11 seconds

Swim 12 : Saturday 20 February 2016

I had got a day ahead of myself with the swimming session, and then I got hit by a cold and found myself behind schedule, so a very solid weekend of swimming was going to be needed.  The pool and the swimming lanes were very congested and I found myself having to tread water at times as I caught those ahead of me.  There were a few annoying waiters who must have known I would be in a position to overtake them with just a few strokes, and yet they did not wait for just one second to allow me to start the length ahead of them.  The strangest one of the morning, though, was the guy who was clearly a very accomplished swimmer (he even had two sets of goggles) diving into the slow lane and swimming half a length underwater.  If you are capable of doing that then you should not be anywhere near the slow lane.  He also turned out to be the worst kind of waiter, because I knew if I overtook him on the turn he would just go past me again during the length, so it did not seem right to do that, which meant I had to wait until he decided to go each time.  I had noticed that the medium lane swimming were swimming in the wrong direction, and after an hour this was noticed by one of the lifeguards.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 110 x 25 metre lengths – 2750 metres
  2. Strava – 2825 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 29 minutes 26 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 25575 metres – 14 hours 10 minutes 37 seconds

Swim 13 : Sunday 21 February 2016

I went straight into the medium lane and stayed there for the whole session as it was never too busy.  There were a couple of occurences, of course.  Two kids decided it was the right lane for them even though they struggled to swim one length.  Fortunately they very quickly returned to the free swimming area.  There were also a couple of cutters, people who cut across before the end of the length to stay ahead, or who turn around part way down the length and so get ahead, in both cases meaning I am slowed down behind them and usually prevented from having an opportunity to overtake.  Judging by its results for 76 lengths, Strava seems to have sorted itself out since Monday.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 76 x 25 metre lengths – 1900 metres
  2. Strava – 1950 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 00 minutes 36 seconds
  4. Week 3 – 8750 metres – 4 hours 40 minutes 59 seconds
  5. Cumulative – 27475 metres – 15 hours 11 minutes 13 seconds

I managed the 350 lengths I needed for the week, despite being hit down by a cold part way through it, which leaves me still on track to complete the challenge next week.  I have 301 lengths left to complete, plus a few more to make sure I have really made it, so another four 1 hour sessions should do it.

Ready for the final stretch

Ready for the final stretch

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