Swimming the English Channel : Week 4

I have decided to swim the English Channel.

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Cumulative – 27475 metres – 15 hours 11 minutes 13 seconds

I bet I know what song is in your head right now...

I bet I know what song is in your head right now…

Swim 14 : Monday 22 February 2016

I need to push on and get this finished, with only 301 lengths left to go.  Except that another measure suggests that rather than 1400 lengths I actually need to do 1416 lengths, so just to be sure I still have 317 lengths to go, and just to be really sure I will do another 320.  It was a pretty easy session this evening and I managed the now usual 76 lengths in the hour, which leaves me with another 244 to go this week.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 76 x 25 metre lengths – 1900 metres
  2. Strava – 1925 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 00 minutes 20 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 29375 metres – 16 hour 11 minutes 33 seconds

Swim 15 : Tuesday 23 February 2016

92 lengths.  It was fewer than I had planned to do, but by the time I finished them I had had more than enough.  I started in the medium lane, and that felt right, but when the lanes were changed a lot of people from the slow lane moved across to what became the medium lane, so I decided to stay in what was now the fast lane, and by the end of my session it was packed and the people now in the medium lane were going too slow, so I called a halt.  Regardless, after this session I was always going to be left with the choice of doing one big session or two sessions of around an hour, so now I have to see what I can fit in before Friday and then make that choice.  152 lengths to go.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 92 x 25 metre lengths – 2300 metres
  2. Strava – 2300 metres
  3. Time – 1 hour 12 minutes 18 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 31675 metres – 17 hours 23 minutes 51 seconds

Swim 16 : Wednesday 24 February 2016

This was a good swim and easy going in a lane which never got too busy, and in which it was easy to overtake when the need arose.  I had not managed to get down to London for an evening event so I took the opportunity to go for a swim while Debbie was at her rehearsal, and that meant I had a limited period of time available to me, so all I could do was try for as many lengths as possible in that time.  I was happy to get my final total down below the 100 mark, and now I only have 96 lengths to go.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 56 x 25 metre lengths – 1400 metres
  2. Strava – 1450 metres
  3. Time – 43 minutes 41 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 33075 metres – 18 hours 07 minutes 32 seconds

Swim 17 : Thursday 25 February 2016

I got home from a business meeting in Manchester too late to get along to an extra boxing training session, so decided to finish my Swimming the English Channel challenge in a blaze of glory by pushing through 100 lengths.  The pool was not too busy and I was able to switch between the slow and medium lanes to keep my path clear, and my pace was spot on to finish the 100 lengths within the time I had available.  And not for the first time during this challenge my attempt at pride came before something of a fall.  Last week I had been steadily getting ahead of my schedule when Neptune didst smite me down with the most epic of colds.  Godflu.  Now I felt his trident impale my left calf in a fit of cramp.  I tried stretching it out but every time I set off to swim again it came back, so I had to call an end to the session with just 24 lengths left to go.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 72 x 25 metre lengths – 1800 metres
  2. Strava – 1850 metres
  3. Time – 59 minutes 44 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 34875 metres – 19 hours 07 minutes 16 seconds

Swim 18 : Friday 26 February 2016

And so I returned to the scene of my previous evening’s disaster and finished off the remaining 24 lengths, soon arriving at Cap Gris Nez, between Boulogne and Calais.  I then continued swimming for another 15 minutes, just in case I had been short in any session.  I have seen the distance given as 35km, and I have completed 35,475 metres, and the website I have been using for my weekly graphic requires 1416 x 25 metre lengths to complete the required distance, and I have completed 1419 x 25 metre lengths, so by whichever measure, I have completed the challenge I set myself and swum the equivalent of the English Channel in February.

  1. Swim (St Albans) – 24 x 25 metre lengths – 600 metres
  2. Strava – 525 metres
  3. Time – 15 minutes 56 seconds
  4. Cumulative – 35475 metres – 19 hours 23 minutes 12 seconds
Who wants croissants ?

Who wants croissants ?

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