8 Weeks To SEALFIT : Week 3 : Stamina

As part of my fitness training I have decided to follow the programme set out in the book 8 Weeks To SEALFIT by Mark Divine, a Navy SEAL’s guide to unconventional training for physical and mental toughness.  I know this is going to be very hard work, and believe the rewards will be well worth the effort I put into it.

As time allows, I also intend to keep going with the other parts of my current fitness training – gym classes (Metafit, Go Tri and spin), boxing, kettlebells, rowing and swimming – so I will make it clear which parts of these blogs are specifically SEALFIT.

Monday 02 May 2016

Week 3, and the promise that “the stamina section increases intensity and pace”.

SEALFIT Week 3 : Stamina : Day 1

I am determined to keep that first SEALFIT session happening on a Monday because I can see I cannot avoid a slip in planning each week, and as the intensity of the sessions increases it will just become impossible to double-up, which makes catching up very hard.  Fortunately, this was a Bank Holiday Monday, so it was easy to create time for my session.  I began this session with a 400 metre run on the treadmill.  I am becoming used to running on the treadmill but I still do not really know how to operate the controls, which means I cannot programme it for a distance, so today I ran for 2 minutes 30 seconds on a setting of 7.  I really should get out on the track one day and actually time myself over these distances.  I continued with 10-8-6-4-2 repetitions of air squats and jumping pull-ups, before moving on to the strength phase with 5 x 5 repetitions of deadlifts with a 45kg barbell.  The work capacity section of the session was 5 rounds for time of 3 x deadlifts, 6 x dumbbell push presses, and 9 x burpees.  I used the 45kg barbell for the deadlifts and two 10kg dumbbells, and it took me 8 minutes to complete.

Training on a Bank Holiday

Training on a Bank Holiday

As I said last week, I am not going to describe what happens in the Kokoro Yoga sessions, and instead will simply inform you of the daily online headings and descriptions, to give you an idea.

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 8 – Zen Warrior: Being the Calm in the Storm

“Zen emphasizes meditation, practice, insight into your peaceful nature, and the personal expression of this insight into your daily life for service and the greater good of humanity. In this past week, we have started to introduce the essence of this practice and why Kokoro Yoga is a lifestyle and daily practice rather than a get enlightened quick scheme. One reason we train in a functional way is to get strong and flexible so that we can sit comfortably in meditation and cultivate a Zen state of being. In this video, Mark will guide you through a Zen meditation that will introduce some of the technique to this ancient practice.”

  1. SEALFIT (St Albans – gym) – Day 1 –  19 minutes
  2. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 8

Tuesday 03 May 2016

Metafit was more of the same, doing the Al Frego Matrix again, and I can definitely feel my performance improving.  I gave it everything, which is what you have to do with a class like that, while knowing that I was going to launch myself into my SEALFIT session straight after it.  I have sent my Garmin Fenix 2 in for repair or replacement, and cannot wait to get it back so I can start recording these sessions properly again, because my phone app reckons the class lasted 48 seconds.

SEALFIT Week 3 : Stamina : Day 2

I moved from the fitness studio to the gym and got straight into my SEALFIT session, 3 rounds of 200 metre run, 25 x jumping jacks, 15 x sit-ups, and 5 x hand-release push-ups.  I ran for 1 minute on the treadmill at a setting of 7 for the 200 metre run.  The work capacity section was a 20 minute AMRAP of 400 metre run, 10 x thruster, and 10 x knees to elbows.  I position myself between the treadmill and the pull-up bars, ran for 2 minutes and 30 seconds at a setting of 7 for the 400 metres, and used a 25kg barbell for the thrusters, completing 4 rounds plus the run in the time allowed.

My usual training space

My usual training space

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 9 – Recovering Warrior: Restore, Reset and Renew

“We all have times of struggle- it is a common thread of humanity. Stress on the physical, mental and emotional system can be challenging to bounce back from. Even if we logically understand a trauma, our nervous system does not operate that way, it needs reprogramming. Trauma comes in many forms; some of you have been to battle overseas, other people survive abuse or everyday events like a car accident. All 3 of these examples can create what is known as PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). To recover, we need support, tools, and patience. For recovery one of the best tools is a body scan which we will introduce to you in this video. Remember: to recover we need commitment, forgiveness, and compassion.”

  1. Metafit (St Albans – gym) – 30 minutes
  2. SEALFIT (St Albans – gym) – Day 2 – 32 minutes 30 seconds
  3. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 9

Wednesday 04 May 2016

The spin class this morning was with Chloe Charlton and was mostly sprinting, making it different to last week.  I covered 16.9km, but I am not sure that is important.  I still need to work on hitting the required rpm.

SEALFIT Week 3 : Stamina : Day 3

I carried on straight from the spin class, and the session began with a 500 metre row, which felt good, then 3 rounds of 10 x kettlebell deadlifts, 10 x 2-count mountain climbers, and 10 x push jerks.  I used a 15kg dumbbell (because I could not find a 16kg kettlebell), and a 25kg barbell for the push jerks.  The strength section was 5 x 5 repetitions of sumo deadlift high pulls, which are as hard to do as they are to say, and I used the 25kg barbell for them as well, but all of this was simply a prelude to an intense work capacity section of the session : 500 metre row, 25 x SDHP, 25 x wall balls, 25 x dips, and another 500 metre row.  I used an 8kg medicine ball, and as I did not have a suitable wall to use simply threw it into the air and caught it.  I was completing the set for time and it took me 10 minutes 11 seconds.

Kitted up

Kitted up

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 10 – Service to Your Community, Family, and Yourself

“Service is a big part of our practice and the yoga culture. How do we serve ourselves? Morning ritual, box breathing, eating nutritious whole food. How do we serve our community? Community service, impromptu litter clean up, getting to know your neighbors. How do you serve your family? Being present without electronics, cultivating loving and clear communication, and making sure you hug each other every day. These are a few examples of how to introduce service each day in some way. Being of service to something outside of ourselves it the path of the warrior and we invite you to embody this. In this video, Catherine will discuss ideas on how to be of service.”

I went into the gym while Debbie was seeing the osteopath, and happened to spot Andy Trevillion.  I had identified him as a Personal Trainer who could be very useful to me because his CV showed qualifications in Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting, and I wanted someone who would understand the programme I was following.  I talked him through what I was doing and asked if he could be available for a session to go through weightlifting technique with me.  I am very happy to say that he said yes, although I do have to wait until next Thursday to see him.  I then carried on with what I had intended to do in the gym, which was 5 rounds on the weight machines devoted to legs.  I did 5 sets of 10 repetitions on the leg extensions (32kg/70lbs), leg curls (36kg/80lbs), and leg press (80kg/175lbs), and also added in some sets with individual legs.  I am going to try to do these at least once a week from now on.

  1. Spin (St Albans – gym) – 45 minutes
  2. SEALFIT (St Albans – gym) – Day 3 – 30 minutes 41 seconds
  3. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 10
  4. Weight machines – legs (St Albans – gym) – 5 x 10 repetitions

Thursday 05 May 2016

Today was just packed with work, so I only managed to create an opportunity to continue with my daily Kokoro Yoga.

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 11 – Nutrition: Taking it to Another Level…it isn’t Just Food

“Proper nutrition is breath, whole food, water, sleep, thoughts, loving relationships, enjoyment of your profession, and time spent in nature. Today start to notice how you nourish yourself. Are your choices ones that assist you on the path to being the healthiest version of yourself or do they keep you in a cycle of suffering? Are you putting off better nutrition because you are comfortable eating crappy food, watching TV late into the night and sleeping 4 hours a night? We know you can do it, get uncomfortable with the bad habits and comfortable with change for a more powerful and thriving you!”

  1. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 11

Friday 06 May 2016

I think we all got taken by surprise when Emma Plunkett announced that Go Tri would be held outside today.  At least I had come prepared for that, and fortunately we were not going in the pool.  It was a lovely sunny morning, so it made great sense to take advantage of it, but unfortunately for me that meant a lot more running than could be done inside, and I still feel like I am not quite ready for that aspect in my training just yet.  My running was certainly slow as we did a number of sprints up and down the grass in front of the gym, with exercises in between, and I did most of it carrying an 8kg medicine ball.  The session was good fun.

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 12 – Grounding Meditation and Principles Introduced: The 1st Chakra

“This week we will be introducing you to the energetic aspect of your body. I know it may feel a bit far-fetched, but stick with us and try out the exercises we are introducing. We’re pretty sure you will have outstanding and potentially life changing experiences! So what is a chakra? Well… Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. In the system of yoga, there is an understanding of 7 main energy wheels that run along the spinal column. Each of these wheels has different aspects of how we relate to the world, where we get blocked mentally, emotionally and physically. This is where if you are science minded looking into Quantum Physics research may help you embrace these techniques. Or just get curious like you are 5 years old and play and see what happens. In this video, Mark will guide you through a meditation on the base chakra.”

SEALFIT Week 3 : Stamina : Day 4

Once again I had some catching up to do with my SEALFIT sessions, so today would be Grinder PT.  I went to the gym and did 20 minutes of 10 x run and drop, 10 x 10kg dumbbell squat jumps, 20 x push ups, 20 x leg levers, 15 x burpees, 15 x 4-count smurf jumping jacks, 15 x tuck jumps, 20 x 10kg dumbbell thrusters, 20 x push ups (narrow), 20 x crisscross jumping jacks.  I improved to 3 rounds this week.  The session suggests 20 minutes of LSD run, ruck, or swim, and as I was too late to get into the pool, I decided to do 20 minutes of LSD run on the treadmill, on a setting of 4.  I got something of a stitch in my left side after about 15 minutes, but decided I would keep going for 30 minutes instead of 20, and it felt good to be doing that.

Still got no idea how to work the treadmill functions...

Still got no idea how to work the treadmill functions…

  1. Go Tri (St Albans – gym) – 39 minutes 53 seconds
  2. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 12
  3. SEALFIT (St Albans) – Day 4 – 50 minutes

Saturday 07 May 2016

I went for a swim in the late morning and managed 80 lengths in just over an hour.  I am very happy with that.

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 13 – The 2nd Chakra: Creativity- Why We All Have It and How to Unlock Your Hidden Desire to Play

“Creativity is a beautiful collaboration of inspiration, vision, trust, and play. Unfortunately, you may have been told you just weren’t the creative type. We are here to tell you that that is simply not true. We are all creative and how we express it comes in a variety of actions. On the path as a warrior, there may be obstacles that present themselves and creativity is your answer to operating from a place that will allow you not to only overcome but thrive. This is what we want you to want for yourself- to have a life where you feel the freedom and energy to create your existence that inspires yourself, family, and community.”

SEALFIT Week 3 : Stamina : Day 5

I knew I was going to have to improvise for this session because it requires a sandbag, and fortunately I had come across those Vipr things at one of the Go Tri sessions and knew it would fit the bill very nicely.  I used the 16 kg one.  I began with 10 x sandbag cleans left side, continued with a 400 metre run on the treadmill (3 minutes at a setting of 7), and finished off with 10 x sandbag cleans right side.  The strength part of the session was 5 x 5 repetitions of power cleans, using a 30kg barbell.  For work capacity I completed 5 rounds of 10 x power cleans, 100 metre run (45 seconds at a setting of 8), and 30 seconds rest.  It was very hard to keep going at that pace, so I pushed through and completed it, to make it a great way to bring Week 3 to a close.  The training today had really worn me out.

Tough session to finish on

Tough session to finish on

  1. Swim (St Albans – pool) – 80 x 25 metre lengths – 1 hour 02 minutes 12 seconds
  2. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 13
  3. SEALFIT (St Albans – gym) – Day 5 – 31 minutes 25 seconds

Sunday 08 May 2016

KOKORO Yoga 30-Day Challenge – Day 14 – The 3rd Chakra: Intuition Practice- Intuition is Your Gut Telling You Something

“Congratulations! You have successfully practiced the Kokoro Yoga method for 2 weeks. Can you feel a difference from day one? If not continue to stick with it! Depending on what your lifestyle was like when you first started it can take a while for the benefits of new practice and habits to really sink in. Today we are discovering the energy center of willpower. Willpower is like a muscle, we have to use it to get stronger and more flexible. Daily use of willpower and intuition are the best way to develop these life tools. In this video, Catherine introduces an extraordinary tool for developing willpower through meditation as well as the principles of being in balance while exerting your will in this world.”

I did my tabatta from June 2011 again, and I am hoping this becomes a very good habit.  I did it from home this time, so used a 12kg kettlebell instead of dumbbells.

  1. KOKORO Yoga (St Albans) – Day 14
  2. Tabatta (St Albans) – 16 minutes

Positives from this week : the level of the SEALFIT sessions definitely went up, and I stuck with it.  I have a session arranged to go through my weightlifting technique.  It all feels like it is coming together.

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