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We were taking a week’s holiday in Kefalonia and had bought a wonderful little book called Walk & Eat Kefalonia before we came over and were intending to follow as many of the walks and excursions as possible in the time we were here.  We had arrived on the afternoon of Saturday 26 May and now on the Sunday morning we were enjoying a breakfast of bread and jam at the Lorenzo Hotel before we set off at 1000.  Which was 0800 back home.  The weather was warm and cloudy.  The sun was pushing to come through and there was a haze in the air.  We made a quick stop at the local shop to buy hats and then walked along the main inland road from Lassi to Argostoli (the Lassi Main Road), avoiding the Piccolo Yiro for today.  We walked up the hill from Lassi and then down into Argostoli, and at a gentle stroll it took us about 30 minutes, which was a nice way to ease into the day.

We made our way from the outskirts of Argostoli through the centre and the Platia Vallianou to get to the promenade, which goes past the Lixouri ferry terminal, the beginning point of the first excursion in the book, and a possible starting point for a walk around Lixouri another day.  From there we went past the Coastguard office, where I was stopped from taking a photo, and carried on along the front, the Antoni Tristi.  It is a wide promenade lined by palm trees and at this time on a Sunday morning it was quiet.  There were only a few fishing boats and no loggerhead turtles.  The fruit and vegetable, and meat and fish markets are also quiet.  We could see the Drapano Bridge in the distance and made the decision to cross at least part of it after we had stopped for a drink and a slice of cake at the Politiko cafe.  This is the other side of the central dock, and way down the Ioannou Metaxa Avenue, past the Shell garage.  The cakes at the Politiko cafe are well recommended !

We arrived at the Drapano Bridge to find that it was closed, and we could see a part of it had collapsed.  So we headed back to turn left onto Andrea Metaxa and then right into the pedestrianised Lithostroto.  This is the shopping area and was mostly closed as it was a Sunday morning.  It is immediately noticeable that the pavement is marble-tiled.  We walked past the 18th century belltower, the Roman Catholic church of St Nikolaos, the
church of Ag Spiridon, the patron saint of Corfu, and then at the end of Lithostroto is the Archaeological Museum.  We made a quick visit and marvelled at the evidence of such an advanced civilisation from BC times.  The streets were certainly busier when we came out and we walked to Platia Vallianou.  This had been empty when we had first walked through it this morning and now it was buzzing.  All morning the sun had been getting
stronger and now it was fully out and shining it was bringing out the local population.  We stopped for lunch just across the road from there at Taverna Arkondiko, said to be situated opposite the School of Music.  We are the only ones here, but as this is one of the places recommended in our guidebook we are not worried.  They brought us some toasted bread,
bruschetta and olives to start with, and Debbie was having the paella and I had asked which fish dish they would recommend.  After listening to the options I had chosen a fish dish which was not the sardines or the salmon, but a small fish.  Looking back at the menu I think it is going to be anchovies but it looks a lot more like super-sized whitebait.  Both our meals are delicious.  There was no rush in bringing us our food and there is a very relaxed atmosphere in the retaurant, which has filled while we have been sitting here.  The sun has gone in, though, and a light rain is falling as we eat.  It feels humid.  We want to be getting back to Lassi, or we could very easily sit here all day.  We may have to, though, if they do not bring us the bill.  The rain has stopped by the time we have paid and are ready to go.

We eventually found the music school, which is up the road from the restaurant, and not directly opposite it, and then walked to the tourist information office, only to find it was closed.  So we made our way back across Platia Vallianou and up the steep hill which had brought us in earlier on in the day.  It did not take us long to get to the top and after a quick water break we began the casual descent to Lassi.  The sun is behind some clouds and the air is warm, without being too hot, feeling on the light side of humid.  Overall, very pleasant to bring this enjoyable excursion to a close.  We arrived back at the hotel at 1530.

In the evening we enjoyed live music from Marios on piano and Renos on bouzouki at the AquaMarina restaurant and bar, with some Greek dancing thrown in for good measure.  It had been an excellent start to the holiday.

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