The Road To Nuclear Oblivion 2018 : Training – Week 1

I have decided to take on Nuclear Oblivion in 2018.  You can read more about that decision here.

Nuclear Oblivion 2018

Monday 19 June 2017

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook then you know that I go along with every challenge Stuart Amory PT puts out there.  His latest is #StuIsAPlank – 4 weeks of plank, and I will be starting at 1 minute and gradually building it up.  This one was late at night to fit it in !

  1. #StuIsAPlank – plank – 1 minute

Tuesday 20 June 2017

I began the morning with some more plank, moving up to 1 minute 15 seconds.

I had joined the St Albans Striders running club and signed up to their Run With Striders introductory course, which had been running on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 9 May.  It had proved to be an excellent way to get me back into running on a regular basis.  Our first session had seen us run the St Albans parkrun course, and now we were back again, looking to beat our previous times.  I was not feeling confident after my nearly 37 minutes effort from Saturday.  I decided to go off at a steady pace, but managed to complete the first kilometre in 5 minutes 30 seconds, which was far too fast for me at the moment, so I was not surprised to find myself having to walk during the fourth kilometre.  Well, it was a march rather than a stroll, so it kept me going, allowed me to recover, and I was able to get running again and keep it going up the finishing straight, putting in a final sprint to overtake another runner near the line (oops !!!) and bring it in at 32 minutes 09 seconds, not only knocking 4 minutes 38 seconds off my Saturday time, but also beating my initial Run With Striders time by 43 seconds.  I was happy with that right now, and it sets a baseline, although I am still some way from my PB of 25 minutes 36 seconds.

We all got a medal for completing the course 🙂

  1. #StuIsAPlank – plank – 1 minute 15 seconds
  2. St Albans Striders (St Albans) – 0.8 kilometres – 6 minutes 18 seconds
  3. St Albans Striders (St Albans) – 5 kilometres – 32 minutes 09 seconds

Wednesday 21 June 2017

My early morning plank of 1 minute 30 seconds was all I managed today.

  1. #StuIsAPlank – plank – 1 minute 30 seconds

Thursday 22 June 2017

My very late night plank of 1 minute 45 seconds was all I managed today.  I did not go out for a run because I was saving myself for tomorrow.

  1. #StuIsAPlank – plank – 1 minute 45 seconds

Friday 23 June 2017

I walked over to Highfield Park for the St Albans Striders’ Summer Solstice 10K, which was the official end of the Run With Striders course, so there were many of us present among the very good turnout.  I really liked the route, running through Highfield Park to join The Alban Way, coming off that to run round a little residential estate, circling back to The Alban Way, and retracing our steps to finish off.  I started off at a steady pace, and got gradually slower until I had to switch to a walk/run.  I finished with a bit of a sprint to bring me in at 1 hour 14 minutes.  I am still some way from my PB of 55 minutes 54 seconds, so I do find it very frustrating at the moment.

I did pick up a couple of Strava segments : 2nd fastest time on Alban way, fresh tarmac section, and 2nd fastest time on Alban way 3 mins east bound!  I also got an Epic Suffer Score of 329.

I also got another medal 🙂

I walked home afterwards and did my plank of 1 minute 30 seconds.

  1. Walk (St Albans) – 2.9 kilometres – 31 minutes 12 seconds
  2. St Albans Striders’ Summer Solstice 10K (St Albans) – 10 kilometres – 1 hour 14 minutes 00 seconds
  3. Walk (St Albans) – 3.1 kilometres – 37 minutes 47 seconds
  4. #StuIsAPlank – plank – 1 minute 30 seconds

Saturday 24 June 2017

I walked down to parkrun.  It was another hot morning and another not very good parkrun, coming in at 35 minutes 03 seconds.  It is what it is, for now.

No medal…

I did another late night plank, of 1 minute 15 seconds

  1. parkrun (St Albans) – 5km – 35 minutes 03 seconds
  2. #StuIsAPlank – plank – 1 minute 15 seconds

Sunday 25 June 2017

I woke up later than planned, so had to run down to the OCR training at Verulamium Park.  You can read more about that training here.

OCR training pretty much killed me

I had some time available in the evening so I went to the Adizone in Verulamium Park to do the exercises from the Para , and also play around on the other equipment for a while.  The hour I spent there included 4 x 25 press ups, 4 x 25 dips, 4 x 25 sit ups, 4 x 25 squats, 4 x 70 second plank and 4 x 15 eccentric pull-ups.  I need to take advantage of this excellent, free facility a lot more.

The Adizone

  1. Morning Run (St Albans) – 2.5 kilometres – 19 minutes 41 seconds
  2. OCR Training (Verulamium Park) – 5.2 kilometres – 1 hour 39 minutes 37 seconds
  3. Adizone (St Albans) – 1 hour

Positives from this week : I ran a much better 5k, and also ran a 10k, which gives me a couple of baselines to work from.

Baselines :

  1. 5 kilometres : 32 minutes 09 seconds
  2. 10 kilometres : 1 hour 14 minutes 00 seconds
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