Big 4 of Emotional Resilience : Service Oriented

This second of the Big 4 of Emotional Resilience is simple to explain, harder to put into practice, and powerfully fulfilling when you do.

Being service oriented means having the attitude of being oriented toward others versus just yourself.  A most poignant example is Victor Frankl, and he describes the effect of being more emotionally resilient through being service oriented in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, which chronicles his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp.  Part of the reason he survived was by finding meaning through tending to the needs of others ahead of his own.

At a more basic level, those who are self-absorbed tend to be defensive and less emotionally mature than those who serve others.  Learn to think about your teammates and you will gain humility and a generous attitude, strengthening your emotional resolve.

As part of my training to become an Unbeatable Mind coach we were put into Boat Crews, and assigned a Swim Buddy within that Crew.  My Swim Buddy, Luke, and I have become great friends and I do not see us ever breaking that Swim Buddy bond.  It is very clear we are attentive to the needs of each other and that we work with an attitude of cooperation and service, pitching in to help each other when needed. It has to be authentic service.  Where it is provided grudgingly or as part of a task list, it becomes an obligation, not service, and it not only loses its power, it can become negative.  Where it is provided as a service, everyone steps up to the plate at an entirely different level, with a powerful positive energy.  Imagine how I could get you and your teams to that level.

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