The Big 4 of Emotional Resilience : Positive Mindset

Positive.  Mindset.  This third of the Big 4 of Emotional Resilience and a whole series of articles in itself, or a workshop.  Contact me for more details about that and anything else in this article.

It should come as no surprise that a positive, optimistic attitude impacts emotional resilience.  When you are positive and optimistic, you are naturally inclined to look for solutions; your conscious and unconscious mind are working together to spot opportunities.  This all ties in with abundance, which I talked about in respect of Self-Esteem earlier this week.

As in previous articles, I am not going into detail about aspects such as visualization.  Contact me to learn more about that and other aspects, because more than with any of the other Big 4, this is really skimming the surface.  I am going to give you a quick hack.  Note, I specifically said quick and not easy.  This takes practice to even get to step 1, let alone to perfect it, not least because we all believe we have a positive mindset.  So, give WIRM a try, and then keep trying it.

  1. Witness negative thoughts
  2. Interdict the negative thoughts with a “Stop !!!”
  3. Redirect your thoughts with positive self-talk
  4. Maintain your new positive mental state with a mantra

You’ve totally got this !!!

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