The Big 4 of Emotional Resilience : Self-Control

The fourth of the Big 4 of Emotional Resilience goes far deeper than its tag Self-Control might suggest, because it is informed by a robust certainty of your Why.

In Unbeatable Mind we work through the 3Ps of Passion, Principles and Purpose to determine your One Thing, your Why.  Imagine your Purpose as the force behind your life, and your One Thing as the major driving initiative which moves you toward that Purpose.  Your Why is what keeps you going day in and day out as you pursue your One Thing toward your Purpose.

To be emotionally resilient, it is crucial to know your motivation.  Then back that emotion up with self-esteem, a positive mindset, and a focus on others in your circle.

Remember the WIRM hack from my note on a Positive Mindset.  It becomes so much more powerful once you can inform your Redirect with something positive which is aligned with your One Thing and Purpose.

There is no simple hack for this one.  When we work together this will not be the first item we find an answer for.

Why do you want to work with me ? Because I am not just an executive coach.  I have relevant and current knowledge of your business :

26 years qualified as a solicitor

16 years working in-house

15 years at C-suite level

12 years working in logistics and supply chain

12 years working in technology

Worked in British, French, American and Japanese companies To tell me more about the executive coaching requirements of you and your team, and to find out how I can assist you with them, Comment on this post, DM me, or email me at

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