Morning Routine : Classical Music

Classical Music

According to Entrepreneur magazine :

“Science tells us that when each of us wakes up, our brain operates at 10.5 wave cycles per second. The first 20 minutes after we wake up is called the alpha stage. It’s been called the gateway to the subconscious mind.

That time window is when your subconscious mind is most impressionable and soaks up information like a sponge. Whatever you hear, see or are exposed to in that first 20 minutes will affect you and set the tone for the rest of your day.”

So fill it with positivity !

I choose classical music.  The structure and slow tunes of most classical music create a calming effect on the listener.  This is due to the release of dopamine, the body’s natural happy chemical, which improves a person’s mood, and also blocks the release of stress.  There are a variety of activities that release dopamine and listening to classical music is one of them.  Research also shows that classical music reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels in the body.

Aside from improving a person’s mood, reducing stress and helping them to relax, there are a wide range of proven benefits from listening to classical music which include:

Better memory

Lowers blood pressure

Higher emotional intelligence

So I am taking something with demonstrable positive effects and listening to it when my subconscious mind is most impressionable – an effective double whammy if ever I experienced one !

You do not have to choose classical music, just ensure that whatever you are listening to is positive.  For that reason, I steer away from most modern music with lyrics, which I tend to find have an underlying negative feeling in one way or another.  An alternative would be a motivational soundtrack, maybe a suitable podcast or an audio book.  I also tend to keep the music on a low volume, so it does not overpower my thoughts.  My subconscious mind will hear it whatever the volume.  I have a remote control for the cd player in my room, so after my thoughts of gratitude, my head still does not need to leave the pillow before the classical music starts working its magic.

Now, it is time for some green tea…

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