Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (5)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (5)

The Brain Zoo is a metaphor used to describe the wild, untrained thoughts that often run our decision making.

Understanding the different areas of the brain and how they work together is essential if we want to maintain control. We want to be our zookeepers and make decisions that are informed and from our higher, witnessing mind and not our reactionary mind. You, as the Witness, are the zookeeper.

While the brain has been mapped based upon function and compared to the brains of other species, Dr. Jeff W. Lichtman of Harvard University starts off his courses by asking his students the question, “If everything you need to know about the brain is a mile, how far have we walked in this mile?” He believes the answer is “about three inches.” We have a lot still to learn! The point is that we are continually increasing our knowledge of how we think, process information, and make decisions.

Generally speaking, there are three parts of the brain that have organically evolved. Each of these builds on top of the other to form the brain we have today.

These mini-brains developed along with our chronological timeline and have different roles.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow to learn more about what lurks in the Brain Zoo…

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