Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (6)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (6)

The Brain Zoo (2)

There are 3 parts of the brain:

The Reptilian Brain is our oldest brain and regulates necessary life functions like breathing, heart rate, respiration, and movement coordination. It is also responsible for hardwiring behaviours from memories and storing deeply rooted training information.

The Mammalian Brain evolved 300 million years ago and regulates the fight or flight response and our need to feed and reproduce. It is also responsible for emotional behaviour and regulating chemical and hormonal activity.

This sub-brain is responsible for the bias toward negativity so prominent in the human condition. The fear wolf spends most of his time lurking here and sending fear signals to the Monkey Brain.

The Monkey Brain, the most recent addition to the zoo, is the seat of decision and meaning-making, cognition, problem-solving, and creativity; where we reason, plan, intellectualize, analyze, verbalize, and learn. It allows us to interpret events and react to them accordingly.

The witness process for mental control and sacred silence practices are how we train your zookeeper.

As soon as you begin training, the animals running amok in your mind will take notice and fairly quickly line up to support you instead of fight against you.

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