Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (7)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (7)

The more often you surrender to your Witness, the wiser you become.

You will eventually allow your Witness an equal position with your rational mind, and will position your awareness with this highest and best version of your conscious mind. You will remain steady, calm, and unmovable by the challenges of our VUCA world.

Network news and a barrage of social media can do untold damage to your fertile mind’s attempt to perform. Negative people and negative looping about fear-based stories and events will destroy confidence and literally bring you down.

Negative subconscious programming is ready to strike when you are not paying attention. The witness process will allow you to take control back and block the entrance and impact of this constant negative chatter. Your mind can then be rebooted into an upgraded, more positive, and unfettered mental program where you will have room for spontaneous intelligence, creativity, and acceptance of new ideas.

The process has four steps to gain control over your rational, or irrational thoughts: witness, interdict, redirect, maintain.

Eventually, you will do this routinely. When that happens, you are in control of all aspects of your life.

Contact me now and start to starve fear to feed courage in your life.

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