Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (8)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (7)

The Witness Process (2)

I know from the last time I used one that you lot love graphics, so here’s another one, together with some more detail about the Witness Process:

Witness your mind in action. Observe your thinking loops. If the thoughts are negative, unfocused, or not moving you toward your target, then:

Interdict the thoughts with a Power Statement, as your rational mind will pay attention for a short while. “No !” or “Stop !” are excellent ways to achieve this. Then:

Redirect your mind to something positive and more aligned with your objective or purpose. Doing this with humour is a very effective bridge. Having a clear sense of your purpose makes this both easier and more powerful. Finally, you will:

Maintain your new mental state with a personal mantra. The more personal the mantra, the better. Again, it makes the process more powerful.

To connect with your Witness and implement this powerful strategy, you will need to take time to be silent every day.

Remember the Morning Routine, and consider how you could incorporate silence into that.

We will go into more detail on that tomorrow, and in the meantime feel free to discuss it in the Comments

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