Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (9)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (9)

The Witness Process (3)

Yesterday we said you will need to take time to be silent every day. I asked you to consider how you could incorporate silence into your Morning Routine.

The silence could be box breathing, deep concentration, imagery work, or contemplation. In these moments, you will bring awareness to the content of your mind, rather than taking it for granted. The drills of box breathing and guided visualizations will focus and clear your mind quickly so you can connect to the witness process.

This practice will create a second-person perspective on your inner self — the second person being your witnessing self.

Over time you will create a “simultaneous mind,” where you will be able to think clearly while directly perceiving truth with the Witness at the same time.

If you have a meditative practice that works for you already, then you can layer in the witness process. This process is a powerful tool, and it takes practice for it to become second nature.

That is why it is so important to start now. There are many ways to work through this type of training, so you just have to jump in and see what works for you.

You will be starting to see how all this works together, and we have barely got going. Imagine working with me for a year…

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