Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (10)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (10)

Meditation’s Many Paths (1)

4 days of meditation related notes…

What is meditation? Here are some ideas

Breath Control

Using box breathing to balance our physiology, overcome stress, clear our minds, and set the conditions for us to go deeper into other practices


Deepening our ability to focus and concentrate on one thing for long periods. We use box breathing, a mantra, and visualization


Concentration training will lead us to connect with our Witness, and the witness process tames our monkey minds, keeping us focused on the right things and courage instead of fear. Maintaining positivity in your daily life is essential to 20x your potential


Contemplation is deliberate thinking about an important topic. Journaling is part of contemplation. More about that later this week


We will go into this one in detail later this week. Later this week is sounding like a can’t miss…

Insight Meditation

Using all of the tools mentioned above, you will detect patterns of thoughts and emotions, past and future, that you will then meditate deeply upon from the perspective of the Witness. The benefits of all of these forms of meditation impact our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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