Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (11)

Unbeatable Mind : Win in the Mind (11)

Meditation’s Many Paths (2)

Visualising Your Ideal State

Unbeatable Mind was devised by Mark Divine, a US Navy SEAL, where they teach that there is no such thing as perfection, only perfect effort. Through practicing a perfect version of ourselves mentally, we will become that person in real life.

Visualisation can take the form of a mental projection or a mental rehearsal.

Mental projection : visualise your personal goal from the perspective of having achieved victory already.

You will create the mental capacity to become the person you need to be to achieve your goal in your mind first – thereby winning in your mind.

Mental rehearsal : practice a skill in your mind’s eye.

These two types of visualisation skills can improve your concentration, build confidence, develop emotional control, practice a technical skill or strategy, and cope with cold or pain.

Why does visualisation work? Visualised events, if vivid and empowered with emotion, stimulate your nervous and muscular systems in the same way as experiencing the event in real-time. Many studies have proven this, and elite athletes around the world have been using the techniques for decades now. The time is ripe to bridge these skills from elite athletes into business.

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