Unbeatable Mind : Big 4 Skills for Mental Toughness

Unbeatable Mind : Big 4 Skills of Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is something that we can all develop through four simple skills.

When done together in an iterative process, the skills keep you focused, calm, positive, and driving forward toward your mission objective.

First, get control of your breathing.

Second, get control over your mental chatter and negative attitude.

Third, use the right imagery to empower your emotions.

Fourth, get task focused using Micro-Goals.

The first three of these skills are honed through the daily practices of box breathing, the witness process boosting positivity, and visualization.

We have already talked about these over the last few weeks, and will look at them in more detail this week, as well as delving more deeply into goal-setting.

The process of employing these four skills of mental toughness will keep you focused and present, allowing you to gain confidence and momentum. Your enthusiasm remains intact when you are not focused on a goal that is too far out to see or feel. Your mind focuses on the right here and now, rather than on what may happen in the future.

So, prepare to get Mentally Tough.

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