Unbeatable Mind : Big 4 Skills of Mental Toughness (3)

Unbeatable Mind : Big 4 Skills of Mental Toughness (3)


First, get control of your breathing.

Second, get control over your mental chatter and negative attitude.

Whatever we focus on tends to become our reality. Negative input can plant seeds of destruction in our unconscious mind.

It is vital to develop control over your rational (monkey) mind and maintain a positive attitude through positive self-talk. Having a mantra very personal to you will allow you to maintain a positive attitude, which will stoke courage when the challenge seems overwhelming.

And there is a bonus : a positive, optimistic attitude also impacts emotional resilience. When you are positive and optimistic, you are naturally inclined to look for solutions; your conscious and unconscious mind are working together to spot opportunities. 

So pay attention to your inner dialogue and direct it towards positivity.

We have talked about WIRM before :

1.      Witness negative thoughts

2.      Interdict the negative thoughts with a “Stop !!!”

3.      Redirect your thoughts with positive self-talk

4.      Maintain your new positive mental state with a mantra

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