The Wisdom of Yoda (1)

The Wisdom of Yoda (1)

“When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.”

Return of the Jedi

In Unbeatable Mind we work with the Five Mountains : Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitive and Spiritual.

While we take a holistic approach and work with all Five Mountains in parallel, the Physical mountain is the trailhead, the beginning of the journey. This is because your physical being is such a crucial aspect of who you are, because it is:

what we (usually) most identify with until we identify with our Witness

our vehicle for expressing, relating and acting in the world

our limiting factor when seeking success and development, by which I mean an untrained, unhealthy, weak, or broken body leads to lower confidence, capacity, self-esteem, and emotional health

what we rely on for our security, movement, and aspects of our work

frankly, the easiest of the Five Mountains to train and benchmark results !

These reasons alone move us to start our training of integration with the body and physiology.

Where your body leads, the mind follows. So, a fit, healthy, and balanced body will lead to a fit, healthy, and balanced mind. Which means through the training of the Physical Mountain, we begin whole mind integration.

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