The Wisdom of Yoda (2)

The Wisdom of Yoda (2)

“That is why you fail.”

The Empire Strikes Back

How do you really grow as a human being?

You have grasped your potential. You know where to point your compass. You can overcome fear and obstacles along the way.

That is still not enough.

The obstacles will get bigger and more challenging as you progress to bigger goals. They will come in different shapes and sizes and challenge different parts of your being…Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

You need to “be someone special” to fulfil those lofty goals. How do you suck it up when the going gets tough?

It is time to challenge yourself and to learn to love who you become as a result.

Humans grow through challenge. Leaving unhealthy habits and desires and replacing them with stronger habits and healthy desires is painful. You have to Embrace the Suck.

Embracing the Suck redefines your relationship with pain. You will learn to appreciate the pain that is temporary and good for you. You will learn to avoid self-induced suffering that does not lead to growth or new learning. You will differentiate between growth pain and destructive pain.

Each time you challenge yourself through something painful, your strength, perseverance, and fulfilment grow.

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