The Wisdom of Yoda (5)

The Wisdom of Yoda (5)

“Judge me by my size, do you?”

The Empire Strikes Back

Teams come in all sizes.

Radical focus is difficult to coordinate across large teams. General Stanley McChrystal solved lack of focus by fostering a flexible model where teams could autonomously organize and execute without top-down hand-holding, an experience he wrote about in his excellent book, Team of Teams.

He needed teams from disparate units, who had unique skills to solve new and unfamiliar problems, to come together to solve those problems without awaiting orders from above, and then to dissolve back into their parent units.

Highly functioning individuals yearn for intangible rewards of a higher order than money, rank, and prestige. An organization that can structure itself to allow for this will be rewarded with exceptional performance.

Allow for more autonomy and independent decision-making and watch job satisfaction soar.

Allow time and space for individuals to pursue mastery and see a dramatic positive impact on the culture. 

Once basic financial and social needs are met, people are motivated by a sense of purpose.

Organizations that align to support authentic teams through autonomous decision making, the opportunity for mastery and a big vision purpose perform at stunning levels.

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