The Wisdom of Yoda (6)

The Wisdom of Yoda (6)

“Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

The Phantom Menace

Character is largely displayed through emotions.

Emotional control and development speak to our lived experiences and the ability to manage internal states. Emotions impact how you make thousands of small decisions every day.

Stored emotional shadow can haunt you by creating fear-based responses to challenging situations, just when you need to be courageous.

Awareness precedes emotional control.

A lack of awareness of shadow emotions means that you cannot control them or direct them positively. So, you end up controlled by the emotions and react accordingly in sub-optimal ways.

Your decisions become filled with fear, anger, timidity, jealousy, rage, scarcity, and your other negative emotional baggage.

Many well-intentioned and talented leaders have failed due to a lack of emotional awareness and control. Lack of emotional awareness and control will ruin the best-intentioned plans.

Emotional shadow hinders your ability to actively listen with heart-centred care and concern because you are out of control. Which means self-awareness of our emotional shadow, and developing emotional control, are prerequisites for growth.

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