The Wisdom of Yoda (7)

The Wisdom of Yoda (7)

“Wars not make one great.”

The Empire Strikes Back

Authentic leaders learn to win in their minds before seeking to win on the battlefield. This requires a commitment to alone time for silence, contemplation, meditation, and visualization.

They Embrace the Suck, get the job done, and move on to the next task. They have strategies for bringing the team to a higher level of positivity before suffering destroys team spirit.

They display integrity in thoughts, words, and deeds, when alone, with teammates, and with others.

They are humble about their success and give credit to the team.

They do today what others will not, so they can do tomorrow what others cannot.

They tackle the hard stuff now to build confidence and successes in a virtuous upward cycle until they are unbeatable.

They never quit. Not on their teammates, nor on training or the mission.

They do not shy from challenging leadership roles, and step back effortlessly when it is someone else’s turn.

They can always answer the question “why” they are doing what they are doing. This connection to their purpose keeps them focused and motivated when things get tough.

They never see themselves as having mastered things and are always learning and growing, desiring to forge minds, bodies, and spirits.

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