The Wisdom of Yoda (8)

The Wisdom of Yoda (8)

“Luminous beings are we…not this crude matter.”

The Empire Strikes Back

You have to want to break the bonds of common habits.

It is the daily enactment of small, powerful, and uncommon habits that will unlock your superpowers and guarantee your destiny.

Many people get to this point and are so excited about their new possibilities but are stuck in their old habits. They do not know where to start, or they start on too many changes at once.

Another mistake is to tackle the whole elephant instead of taking small bites. Creating and sticking to new habits requires some finesse.

Simplify the goal before breaking it into micro goals. A complicated goal or project sucks motivation.

You have to make the goals seem achievable by making them simple (remember the KISS and SMARTP goals). You are looking for small changes in your behaviour that you can make daily, not major movements done right away.

Chunk the goal into the smallest component that you can envision. Make sure those parts have a clear start and stop point and link them to the next part, like links in a chain.

Then, when you get going each day, rather than an overwhelming goal, you have an easily achievable task to achieve for a new habit.

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