The Wisdom of Yoda (10)

The Wisdom of Yoda (10)

“Named must be your fear before banish it you can.”


Regrets are known shadow issues you have not had the courage to resolve.

You have identified them but have not objectified or resolved them. You are still merged with the negative energy of the situation. Regrets kill your motivation and rattle a fragile peace of mind.

What regrets are holding you back? Commit to ending them now.

We do not need to be a victim to our shadow, whether in the form of weak stories or stored emotional energy leading to reactionary behaviour. Anything that we think, feel, and do is our sole responsibility. So, choose to let go of that regret and change the feelings, thoughts, and behaviour associated with it.

That is the uncommon mindset you need to develop to reach your full potential. Take responsibility. Feel the pain. Then get over it. If we were all perfect, the world would be pretty dull, and there would be no growth.

Eliminate regrets of the past to allow you to accelerate into 2021

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