The Wisdom of Yoda (11)

The Wisdom of Yoda (11)

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The Empire Strikes Back


This is everything.

This is the wisdom of Yoda.

To become as innovative and persistent as your true potential deserves requires a higher degree of risk tolerance and commitment to the task. It must start with your self-dialogue.

Never say something cannot be done. And if you decide to do something, then commit to seeing it through. Learn to adapt, improvise and overcome any obstacles as you find a way or make one.

Once you commit, burn your boats, press forward, and never, ever quit !

People on here are saying New Year Resolutions are pointless because you will not keep to them. With the right mindset, you will keep to them.

Now get out there and smash 2021 !!!

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