Shadow (1)

Shadow (1)

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021

I am going to keep it easy over the next few days, to allow people to take their time for the holiday, and come back without missing anything. Because this is important. Really important.


Shadow is hard to get a direct look at, and it casts a wide net of destruction in our lives. Often, you can see someone else’s shadow clearly, but your own shadow remains hidden from your view.

Shadow is found where the light of awareness is blocked. How do you catch a glimpse of your shadow if you are not aware of it ?

Shadow is neither positive nor negative in and of itself. It just is.

It is the thoughts, beliefs, and reactions we have adopted since early childhood; that story we live without question. Everyone has it; it cannot be avoided.

If we are committed to growth, then we must examine it. Eradicating negative shadow aspects of one’s personality is necessary to unlock your full potential, to find complete fulfillment.

So now is a good time to start.

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