Shadow (3)

Shadow (3)

Shadows are created when an emotional event is too painful, and you lack the tools to understand and process the feelings associated with it.

First person identification : since it is too scary and risky, you repress it. This leads to you disowning the primary emotion.

Second person identification : you push it out of your awareness but project it onto another person. You fear or disapprove of that aspect of yourself, and project it onto others.

You move from owning it yourself (first person identification), to projecting it on others (second person identification), to banishing it to a ‘thing’ (third person identification).

You have pushed it into the shadows and cannot feel it or express it. You are stuck, the energy is stuck, and you have effectively stunted your range of emotional awareness.

Self-management of emotions requires that you examine these aspects so that you can operate more freely. This will have an amazing effect on your energy and vitality because you are literally freeing up energy that was once used in repressing the shadows.

Shadow that is identified and resolved is no longer shadow. It becomes part of your conscious awareness and you can control the emotional response. That leads to more emotional power.

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