Shadow (4)

Shadow (4)

Emotional pain can be more traumatic than physical pain. Emotional pain is permanent if you do not know how to recover from it.

Just when things seem to be going well, there it is again to bring you down. It can be triggered by trauma, stress, lack of sleep, or poor nutrition.

You will have to face, feel into, and resolve past wounds, and this work takes courage.

Shadow can be detected in your habitual language with those in your peer groups.

“What’s the use? I screwed up again.” “You’re so hot, I wish I had your body.” “I’m not able to do it. You do it for me.” “Go away. Leave me alone.”

These words reflect low self-worth, and, along with any sarcastic or arrogant language, indicate negative shadow.

Internal dialogue is a more likely indicator because we wear personality masks with others. Reflect upon your thoughts and inner dialogue.

Look at the attached chart.

Which tendencies of your own do you recognise ?

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