Shadow (5)

Shadow (5)

Your shadow shows up most often in your relationship with others.

Start by looking at the things you dislike in someone else. Projection is a common reaction to negative shadow. If you spot it, you have probably got it.

Unidentified negative shadow is either repressed or projected. You will have a strong urge to point it out in the people closest to you. In reality, you have one finger pointing at them and four pointing back at yourself because you are projecting your own shadow onto others instead of noticing it in yourself and working on clearing it up.

It is beyond the scope of my expertise to dig deeper into the chakras, but it is fascinating to see how they regulate our energy. A skillful use of visualization using the chakras can be a tool for clearing up emotional trauma and bringing balance.

In order to eradicate negative shadow aspects of your personality, you have to identify it first, then turn it from the subject (me) to the object (it). This means to stop saying things like: “Well, that’s just who I am” and instead examine it like you would a stone you picked up off the ground.

The shadow is revealed when viewed as an object, not a permanent part of your personality. Any object that can be observed can be understood.

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