Shadow (6)

Shadow (6)

The time you spend doing shadow work is a sacred gift to yourself and to the people in your life. Everyone you come across benefits from your sincere dedication to your personal development.

To begin poking a stick at our shadow, consider the following excerpts from Kelly-Ann Maddox, 25 Heavy Duty Shadow Work Journal Prompts :

How judged do you tend to feel on a daily basis?

What does it feel like to have your emotions belittled or downplayed?

Pinpoint something that is really frustrating/upsetting you at the moment.

If you could say one thing to the person who has hurt you the most, what would it be and why?

When was the last time you witnessed distinctly self-destructive behavior, either in yourself or in someone else?

Whereabouts do you currently feel isolated and how are you dealing with that emotion?

What do you currently envy in someone else’s life and why? What kinds of emotions come up when you imagine yourself having access to the thing you envy?

What does it feel like to be completely discouraged by someone’s words?

Why is it sometimes difficult to tell the difference between someone saying something intentionally mean and someone just saying something accidentally thoughtless?

Which emotion do you tend to deal with in unhelpful/destructive ways?

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