Shadow (7)

Shadow (7)

Your emotions’ raw energy is neither good nor bad; it is simply an expression of your being at that moment in time.

Emotions are necessary to be a whole person, it is important to be aware of them, so as to not repress them, and then to develop healthier responses to them.

Look at the emotions on the left side of the chart below. Which do you experience? How often and what triggers them?

So, how do you direct your emotional states to their healthy expressions on the right side of the chart?

Become aware that the emotion on the left side is running the show, AND that you can manage it with skillful means.

That means to accept the presence of the shadow emotion and allow it to exist in your body. Do not repress it, deny it or ignore it any longer. Allow yourself to feel it deeply and completely.

By denying ourselves the opportunity to fully feel our negative emotions, we often just put off the experience, and it still haunts us until it is fully expressed.

We seek to embrace fear, not to refuse it. Then we can change the energy and meaning that we attach to that feeling in the future !

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