Shadow (8)

Shadow (8)

Recapitulation is used to address and release issues that you have identified and are committed to resolve.

The process requires courage and patience. Focus on one issue at a time, starting with the worst. Often all your other issues stem from that one !

This is only an outline of the recapitulation process.

Get into the right state of mind. Write down the issue, the negative impact it has had, and what you believe to be the root cause of the emotional patterns that keep showing up.

Box breathe.

Set an intention to clear up the shadow and ask your witnessing self for guidance and support.

Bring the issue into your conscious awareness. In your mind’s eye, travel back in time by remembering events where the shadow issue tripped you up.

Continue to remotely view into your past, looking for emotional storms.

Keep tracing back until you begin to identify the underlying incident. Objectify the situation. Separate from it and watch yourself going through it from a second person and the third person perspective.

Let go of attachment to that energy. Apologize to yourself for holding on to the negative energy for so long.

This practice sounds esoteric because it is. Practice it in earnest, and you will find that it works.

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