Shadow (10)

Shadow (10)

We have discussed emotional development primarily from the point of view of acute work that needs to be done now, such as overcoming negative shadow.

This work starts with self-awareness of our emotional shadow. Then we can move to managing our emotions, leading to more self-control and resiliency.

We use self-awareness tools such as the witness process and box breathing to identify the shadow. Then we use the tools of transmutation and recapitulation to clear up shadow.

We eradicate our regrets so that they no longer chain us to the past.

All this work will ultimately clear up past emotional trauma and lighten the load of emotional baggage we carry on our journey. That way we can continue waking up and growing up so we can show up as our whole, integrated self.

This has been a difficult topic, and we have covered a lot of ground.

Always remember, you are not looking for perfection, just perfect practice.

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